1. EJ Marais
    Barcelona, Spain
    Vilanova I La Geltrú, Spain
  3. Nueva Vulcano
    Barcelona, Spain
  4. The Jay Vons
    New York
  5. Furguson
    Gurb, Spain
  6. Lidia Damunt
  7. ARIES
    Vigo, Spain
  8. Isasa
    Madrid, Spain
  9. Yawners
  10. DESERT
    Barcelona, Spain
  11. Aliment
    Barcelona, Spain
  12. Negro
    Valencia, Spain
  13. The Zephyr Bones
    Barcelona, Spain
  14. The Van Pelt
    New Jersey
  15. Me and the Bees
    Barcelona, Spain
  16. Beach Beach
    Barcelona, Spain
  17. Mrs Magician
    San Diego, California
  18. A Room With a View
    Madrid, Spain
  19. Atomizador
    Barcelona, Spain
  21. Obits
    Brooklyn, New York


La Castanya Barcelona, Spain

House of: A Room with a View, Aliment, Aries, Atomizador, Beach Beach, Biscuit, Lidia Damunt, Esperit!, Desert, EJ Marais, Furguson, Isasa, Me and the Bees, Mrs Magician, Negro, Rebecca Gates, Marta Knight, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Obits, Daniel Higgs, vàlius, The Van Pelt, Vague Angels, The Jay Vons, The Waterparties, Yawners, The Zephyr Bones, Alberto Polo, Nueva Vulcano. ... more

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